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Why Having a Realtor is So Important

Why Having a Realtor is So ImportantThere are some people who may believe a Realtor is merely an extra cost which is deducted from the bottom line when selling a home. And, though a percentage of the sale is deducted for a commission, it is imperative to understand exactly what you get for that cost.

And, a Real Estate professional only makes money when a closing occurs. So, much work is done, at expense of their time and money, before any sale occurs. In Central Florida, the average length of time between contract and close is just a bit over 2 months. During that time, several events must occur, which cost nothing for the client.


The first thing a realtor will do after signing the contract with a seller is list the home on the Multiple Listing Service. This alerts buyers and their agents about the facts of home, the listing price, and provides (professionally taken) pictures of the home.

This is not free, and the agent is the one who pays for each of the services. For those who decide to try to sell on their own, they’ll miss out on advertising for their home which makes it to every agent and prospective buyer in the U.S. And, the network many Real Estate professionals with other agents who may know a buyer looking in the area.


One of the more tedious parts of selling a home is showing it to buyers who are either not qualified or not interested enough in the property. This not only takes hours of time every week but can be very frustrating for even the most patient of sellers.

Open House days can sometimes be long and fruitless, and a dedicated Real Estate agent lets the seller go enjoy their weekend while he or she shows the house over and over again. And, the Real Estate professional knows what buyers are looking for, and can highlight the selling points. As human beings, we are sometimes dedicated to the pro’s of our own home while neglecting the cons.

Offers / Sale / Closing

When it comes time to get closer to a sale, a Real Estate agent will help the seller with what is a reasonable offer and what is not, as well as preparation for the sale. The process is a lengthy one, and it takes a professional to prepare those who have never sold a home before.

This process cannot be accomplished alone. Indeed, for many people, this will be the largest transaction they’ll make in their lifetime. Unless you are an attorney practicing contract law, what you don’t know could fill a library.

After a few months of hard work, persistence, and frustration, your house is sold. And, that’s when everyone gets paid, including you. Time to celebrate! All that hard work paid off, and you are most likely thanking the agent for helping you get that great selling price.

And, keep in mind, a portion of their well-earned paycheck will go to the buyer’s agent.

At Town’s Realty, we work with each client as a partnership. Because buying or selling a home is an ongoing conversation, not just a legal process. Click here to start talking.

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Albert Stimer is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Orlando and along with his team helps clients from around the world buy and sell properties in the Orlando and entire Central Florida area.

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