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Ready to Sell Your Orlando Home? It’s Time to Think Like a Buyer

Ready to Sell? It’s Time to Think Like a BuyerOne of the more difficult things to do when staging a home for sale is to look at it as though you were buying it. This is one reason why some sellers turn to a professional stager. Certainly, there are things about your home you’d like to change. But, it is what the buyer sees that’s most important now.

Curb Appeal

For example, the curb appeal of your home is most likely something you glance at as you glide into your garage at the end of the day. A buyer is going to get their very first impression of your home from the curb. They’ll even likely drive by it a few more times before making an offer.

If your driveway needs cleaning, the lawn is spotty and the windows are less than sparkling, a buyer is going to see a lot of work ahead of them, rather than your house as their new home. Clean the driveway, pavers, and make sure the windows are sparkling.

If the lawn needs repair, sod is an inexpensive way to green it up. If you have a front porch, a few seating pieces and a plant or two is all that’s needed to make your home look fresh and inviting.

Living Areas

As long as you are clearing out the unwanted, keep in mind that as far as furnishings go, less is more. Professional stagers recommend removing up to half of the furniture in a home before a listing. And, the reason is simple.

Ready to Sell? It’s Time to Think Like a BuyerBuyers are looking for a new home with lots of space, as they have likely run out of it in their current home or apartment. A small living area stuffed with a giant sectional does not reveal space. Move it out and replace with a small couch or loveseat, a few chairs, a table, and voila! Now the buyer can see everything down to the flooring.


The kitchen tends to be the most used space in any home, so now is the time to get all your junk out. Put away the appliances which sit on countertops, clean out all the cabinets, junk mail, take pictures off the fridge, and put one simple centerpiece on the kitchen table. If it seems “too clean” then you’ve probably done a great job.

Clean the refrigerator, oven, and yes, even the coffee maker. A sparkling clean kitchen is a way to anyone’s heart. You have likely heard that the smell of baking bread can help sell a home. Well, it’s true. There is no stronger sense in humans than the sense of smell. And, we can smell a dirty oven from a mile away. Who would want to buy that?


We all tend to “nest” in our bedrooms, especially the kids. Buyers are going to look through every single cabinet and closet, so it’s best to get everything out and box it up. In the process, you’ll have much of your packing done before you’ve made a sale. And, take a look at those walls, especially in children’s rooms.

You may have loved the bright orange or red you chose a few years back, but most buyers won’t. Take time to re-paint those walls in neutral colors which blend with anything and ensure all those rooms are “move-in ready”. As long as you are scrubbing up each room, don’t forget the windows!


In the backyard, check the lawn, pool, screens, and fencing. Cleaning is one thing, but you’ll also want to make sure nothing is in disrepair. Pressure wash fencing and replace any sections as needed. If you hire someone to do the pressure washing, spend an extra few dollars and have them freshen up eaves, exterior doors, and second level windows, too.

When in doubt about making sure your home is ready to show, always check with your Real Estate professional. If there are reasons a home doesn’t show well, a professional will likely spot them right away. Use their experience and feedback to help sell your home fast.

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Albert Stimer is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Orlando and along with his team helps clients from around the world buy and sell properties in the Orlando and entire Central Florida area.

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