US Bank Short Sale Closed in Orlando

I am proud to announce that yet another one of my Orlando short sale listings has closed.
The property was in good condition located in a gated community close to Waterford Lakes shopping mall, all major highways and the new Lake Nona Medical complex.
We received an offer on the property and for four months there was no movement on the file from the U.S Bank. After four months of fighting with them to work on the file we escalated the file to the upper management and got the short sale approval within 2 months.
Buyers were very happy to be able to purchase the home and were able to close within a month.
Sellers were forgiven the remaining balance of the loan and were very happy with the short sale outcome.
Dealing with U.S Bank in a short sale was painful because their short sale process is very slow and there seems to be no urgency from their side in working on their own pre-foreclosed properties.
The secret to successfully closing short sales is to never give up and do your due diligence on the file.
Success is due to persistence, knowledge and commitment to your clients.
Now, on to the next successful short sale closing…stay tuned

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