Short selling your home or not…

Short selling your property is no longer a new idea. Many homeowners are in difficult circumstances due to the financial downturn and they were able to take advantage of the short sale process and sell their homes.

Some homeowners who are very distressed with their financial situation are letting their home go to foreclosure rather than short selling their property. Foreclosure is not the best option; but some homeowners believe that the short sale selling process is more stressful then a foreclosure.

Short sales can be stressful but if you choose the right agent the stress can be alleviated. Short sales are always a better financial option than foreclosure, but it requires attention and work from a qualified and knowledgeable Realtor® as well as commitment from the homeowner.

If you list your home as a short sale with a Realtor®, communication is very important. Let your Realtor® know about any written communication that you receive from the mortgage lender, bank’s attorney, or court. It is important for the Realtor® to know at what stage in the foreclosure process you are. Lenders will not communicate to your Realtor®, so you will have to notify your Realtor about your foreclosure stage.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and cannot afford your mortgage payments anymore, please call Towns Realty. We have helped hundreds of homeowners to avoid foreclosure and our client’s testimonials are excellent.

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