Short selling your Florida property as a Massachusetts resident

When you have a mortgage that you can no longer afford, looking for options can help you avoid a foreclosure. When in the situation of not being able to afford the mortgage due to financial hardship, many people consider the options of short selling their home.

If you own a property in Florida either as a vacation home or as an investment home and you can no longer afford it, short sale may be the best option for you to avoid foreclosure.

Towns Realty has closed hundreds of short sales and we are very knowledgeable in the short sale field. We have excellent client testimonials and worked/negotiated short sales with many lenders. To name a few: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Suntrust, PNC, Wachovia, many Credit Union Banks, Chase, Washington Mutual, EMC, Citi Mortgage, GMAC, OCWEN, AHMSI, etc.

Even if you received a notice from your lender of Lis Pendens and you are behind in your mortgage payments, a short sale is possible.

Our services are completely free to all home owners; your lender pays our fees, as well as all traditional sellers closing costs!

Please give us a call today to discuss your particular situation and see how we can help you with the short sale of your Florida property.

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