Current real estate market in Lake Nona, Florida

Lake Nona, Florida has a fantastic location as the Atlantic Ocean beaches are less than one hour away, Walt Disney World & Downtown Orlando are about 20 miles away and  Orlando International Airport is within 10 minutes. Lake Nona, Florida is home to UCF Medical School, Burnham Institute, VA Hospital, Children’s Hospital and Lake Nona Medical City. Add great schools to the list and it is clear to see that Lake Nona, Florida is a great place to live.

Lake Nona, Florida has an array of different properties starting from $250,000 to luxury homes on the upper end of $4,000,000.

Currently there are 67 properties for sale in Lake Nona, Florida. 54 are single family homes, 6 are town homes and the remaining 7 are villas, condos and duplexes.

Out of 67 properties for sale: 5 properties are short sales, 4 properties are bank owned and 58 properties are regular listings. Short sales and foreclosures are merely showing up since properties have been retaining their values.

Lake Nona has retained its real estate value due to its great location and being the hub of great medical centers.

148 homes were sold in Lake Nona, Florida in 2011. Out of 148 homes, 37 properties were bank owned, 54 properties were short sales and 57 properties were regular sales. 7 percent were foreclosures. 36 percent were short sales, 25 percent were bank owned and 38 percent of the sales were regular sales.

In the first two quarters of 2012, January to June, there were only 16 sold bank owned properties versus 24 short sale properties. It is great to see that the rate of sold foreclosures was lower than the rate of short sales. 62 regular properties sold which shows a strong real estate market that dwarfs the foreclosures and short sales numbers.

If you are looking to buy in Lake Nona, Florida now is the time.  Great rates and a strong real estate market makes Lake Nona, Florida a great buyer destination.  If you are looking to sell in Lake Nona, Florida please contact Towns Realty. Our experience and great customer service will be a great asset when you need to sell your home.

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