Current Real Estate Market in Kissimmee, FL

Kissimmee, Florida with its proximity to attractions, Disney World, golf courses, shopping is a very attractive city for buyers and investors.  Consider the low rates and availability of existing and new homes and that’s a good combination to buy a home.

Currently there are 946 properties for sale in Kissimmee, Florida. 679 are single family homes, 125 are condos and 91 are town homes and villas.

Out of 946 properties for sale: 210 properties are short sales, 108 properties are bank owned and 627 properties are regular sales. Regular sales where homeowners are not forced by foreclosure or short sale are higher in number than foreclosure or short sales.

Foreclosures are starting to go down in numbers and more short sales properties are hitting the real estate market. Seeing that foreclosures properties are going down in numbers is a great thing. Homeowners realize that shorts sales are more beneficial for them than a foreclosure.

Also banks are nowadays more willing to do a short sale and streamlined their short sale process to avoid foreclosures. Foreclosures were and are a very costly process for lenders.

In 2011, 5,120 homes were sold in Kissimmee. 2, 111 were bank owned and 1,541 were short sales. 41 percent were foreclosures. 31 percent were short sales and 29 percent of the sales were regular sales.

The great thing is that in the first two quarters of 2012, January to July, the rate of sold foreclosures was lower than the rate of short sales. There were only 717 sold bank owned properties versus 738 short sale properties. The rate of regular sales was higher than the rate of foreclosures and short sales.

It looks like the sun will show up on the Kissimmee, FL streets and wipe out foreclosures one by one. Short sales are increasing in numbers and allowing homeowners to wipe out the burden of a foreclosure and financial distress.

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