Current real estate market in Celebration Florida

Celebration, Florida was designed by Walt Disney Company. With its picturesque brick lined streets in the Downtown area, tree lined streets, beautiful houses with white picket fence; Celebration captures the charm of the peaceful old town feeling. Minutes from Disney World, Celebration offers fine dining and shopping and A+ schools.
Currently there are 110 properties for sale in Celebration, Florida. 69 are single family homes, 36 are condos and 5 are town homes.
Out of 110 properties for sale: 5 properties are short sales, 1 property is bank owned and 104 properties are regular listings. Regular sales outnumber the number of short sale and bank owned. A regular sale is when the homeowner is not forced by foreclosure or short sale in order to sell their home.
Looking at the numbers of the regular listings versus foreclosure and short sale listings, it shows that Celebration has retained its real estate value and wasn’t affected too much by the foreclosures and short sale wave.
In 2011, 260 homes were sold in Celebration, Florida. 17 properties were bank owned and 74 properties were short sales and 169 properties were regular sales. 7 percent were foreclosures. 28 percent were short sales and 65 percent of the sales were regular sales.
Looking at the numbers from last year sales it is clear that the Celebration real estate market improved drastically over the last year and a half and the number of short sales and foreclosures have gone done quite.
In the first two quarters of 2012, January to June, the rate of sold foreclosures was lower than the rate of short sales. There were only 5 sold bank owned properties versus 34 short sale properties. The rate of regular sales was higher than the rate of foreclosures and short sales. There were 97 regular properties sold.

If you are looking to buy in Celebration, Florida now is the time. Great rates and an improved real estate market makes Celebration, Florida a good buyer destination.

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