Davenport Short Sale Closed with Chase Mortgage

I am proud to announce that yet another one of my Davenport short sale listings has closed.

The sellers had paid about $400,000 for this home in 2005. The value of the home dropped more than 50% over the past 6 years. This property was a foreign investment from United Kingdom.

The property was in great condition, fully furnished and in a great location close to all the attractions.

We received multiple offers on the property within days of putting the property on the market and received the short sale approval within 3 weeks from the seller’s lenders.

From the time of listing the property to obtaining short sale approval it took us only two and a half months to close on the property.

Chase Mortgage was great to work with in this short sale transaction and their short sale process was fast from start to finish.

Sellers were forgiven the remaining balance of the loan and were very happy with the short sale outcome.

The secret to successfully closing short sales is to never give up and do your due diligence on the file.

Success is due to persistence, knowledge and commitment to your clients.

Now, on to the next successful short sale closing…stay tuned

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