Another Bank of America short sale closed in Kissimmee, FL

I am proud to announce that yet another one of my short sale listings in Kissimmee has closed.

The seller owed on this home $180,000. The value of the home dropped about 50% over the past 5 years.

I listed this home at $87,900 and the home was in great condition and location.

I got an offer on the property relatively quick above the asking price.

We got an approval of short sale from the seller’s lender within 45 days and both buyer and sellers were extremely happy with the quick response.

Sellers were forgiven the remaining balance of the loan and were very happy with the short sale outcome.

So you see the secret to successfully closing short sales is to never give up and do your due diligence on the file.

Success is due to persistence, knowledge and commitment to your clients.

Now, on to the next successful short sale closing…stay tuned


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